Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort

Lagoon Paradise

Tangalle beach is one of the most un-spoilt and best-preserved beaches in Sri Lanka which is an ideal getaway from the usual hectic lifestyles of holidaymakers. Having being in the industry for more than a decade, we believe that seeing, feeling, breathing and experiencing Mother Nature in its’ truest form is a way of stress relief, and the miraculous comfort and relaxation that it offers is a true solace for the city drained.

While we offer a comfortable stay, we can also organize activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling for water sports lovers and beach volleyball, badminton, carom etc to those who prefer staying on land.

Our resort is in a central location to a variety of tourist attractions and key points of interest such as the Mattala Airport, Hambantota harbor, Mulkirigala, ancient temples in Weherahena and the famous ‘blow hole’ in Dickwella.

Each of our employees at Lagoon Paradise are dedicated to ensure the ultimate comfort of guests. We believe in delivering a holistic experience to all the guests staying at our resort from offering the best of the service when it comes to accommodation, atmosphere and dining.


Every person who works at Lagoon Paradise has only your complete satisfaction as an aim. Each of our staff is well trained and is effective and very efficient in their service delivery. The management always is constantly vigilant of the safety of the clients and will ensure the highest quality in service, food and beverage that is served, to make your stay at Lagoon Paradise a true existence in paradise.To arrive at Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort, firstly you will have to come to Tangalle main city. (If you are coming from Colombo or Galle) then come along the Tissa Road up to the Marakolliya junction until you reach 200th and 201st Km post. Then from the junction turn to your right hand side there is a sign board which will indicate the name of Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort, then come along the Kapuhenwala Road about.

1 Km until you reach your final destination” The Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort.In the event if you coming from the opposite direction (Hambantota or Rathnapura) turn to your left hand side come along as described above until you reach your final destination “The Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort”..


Our Standard

1. Hospitality at the highest level.
The young team at the Lagoon Paradise Hotel & Restaurant work towards this principle every day. The soul of our hotel and restaurant are the enthusiastic staff. Top internationally trained, remaining true to their region, ready for you and your wishes. Allow yourself some unforgettable moments and that little bit extra on your holiday. If you are happy and you leave the Lagoon Paradise Hotel & Big Crocodile Restaurant with a smile, then we have done everything right.
2. Health & Safety.
Our focus as a hospitality company with deep roots in the tourism sector has now been reformed to not only provide our guests with a holiday experience unlike any other, but also to include heightened focus on health and safety. We will continue to place high importance on facilitating measures to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions.
3. Food & Beverage Food.
Relaxing over a meal or drink is an important part of your stay with us and ensuring that you can do so safely is our priority. You will notice some changes to our services, but we’re committed to offering the same great menus and social atmosphere you have come to expect from Lagoon Paradise. Changes to our Big Crocodile restaurant service include the spacing of tables and chairs to promote proper physical distancing between guests while maintaining our increased hygiene standards.
4. Housekeeping.
For your comfort, we want your stay to be as undisturbed as possible. Guests are invited to tailor their housekeeping services to their comfort level. To schedule, simply call the front desk. Additional amenities such as linens and toiletries are available upon request, delivered in protective packaging and placed at the guest room. Of course, all guest rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests.

Lagoon Paradise